Camellia Pictures

^ The Origin Story of Camellia Pictures ^

Hi Everyone!

During the summer, my best friend and film-making collaborator, Cheyann Montiel Reagan, were brain-storming about new films that we plan to make in the future. During our brain-storm sessions, we had decided to create a Youtube Channel called Camellia Pictures – where we can feature our work and exciting new ideas to the world, rather than try & share our short film ideas to film festivals and have our ideas limited to smaller audiences. We have so many amazing ideas, from a docu-series of people that are changing the world – to a weekly comedy sketch series that feature amazing new faces. We also wanted to create this channel and invite our subscribers that amazing artists and filmmakers, to collaborate with us and have their work featured on our channels as well! This channel is meant to showcase new talent, amazing people that deserve to be highlighted and of course, original and beautiful content for the Youtube masses!

Please subscribe to Camellia Pictures here (which you must have a gmail account):

One of our other goals, is to hit 10,000 subscribers so we can gain free and complete all-access to the Youtube Space in LA – and have amazing studio space and equipment for us to use, FOR FREE! We need your help to make our ultimate Youtube goal happen and whatever you want to see on our channel or if you know someone that should be showcased, whether it’s their artistic talents or their brilliant achievements – please feel free to share your thoughts and advice to our channel or the Camellia Pictures Facebook page:

Thank you all so much for reading this and Please Subscribe!! We will start posting weekly videos very soon!

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I'm a Cinematographer, Producer, Writer & Coffee Loving Person that loves to make AMAZING films.

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